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3D-disinfection using the  Ultrasonic Polymer Fogging technology

For decades, the disinfection of rooms was exclusively done 2-dimensionally when surfaces got scrubbed and wiped.
But even trained cleaning staff can not disinfect all potential surfaces exactly.

It is known that unpleasant or difficult to access areas are often insufficiently disinfected.

This austrian development brings out tiny polymeric aerosols which are generated in our device. Those aerosols reaches every far corner and crevice of the room to eliminate unwanted germs such as resistant MRSA bacteria, E. Coli, dangerous virus and more. Moreover it also can be used to eliminate various fungi and yeasts, as well organic odors.

After a "fog-standing-time" of minimum 45 minutes rooms are disinfected and protected by an antibacterial layer.

See a movie of use in austrian public transfer during corona crisis in 2020:

Due our 3D-disinfection sufaces and air are completely disinfected – our technology disinfects the air and provides a sustainable temporary protective layer to the room and its objects. This protects  "no-touch-areas" like walls and ceilings over many weeks.

Biotech3D-ultrasonic devices

All devices are produced in a quality manner within Austria. They perform in highly energy efficient way almost silent. Its fog is generated almost without any pressure and our ultrasonic membrane technology allows you to disinfect almost every single closed room, regardless of its size or structure. Even narrow spaces and ventilation pipes can be disinfected smoothly.

Take benefit by the performance of our 3D cold-fogging technology:

• Highly effective disinfection: disinfects germs without the useage of any typical aggressive chemicals

• High broadband-effectiveness: eliminates viruses, bacteria, fungi and organic odor

• Germ-free room air: the cleaned room air is completely free of germs afterwards

• Preventive antibacterial protection layers: depot-effect ensures sustainable protection

• Quick and efficient useage: disinfected rooms can be re-entered within a very short time.

• Multilingual high-tech-device is easy to handle:

   Touch-display and remote-control to navigate through a tablet from outside the room

• No annoying preparatory work necessary: due there are no items to remove, you will save time

• High energy-efficiency devices

• High environmental compatibility

• High quality product  which is "Made in Austria"

   Tested according to OECD guidelines and ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EN 15085, EN 6701, ECM;

    Skin-compatible disinfectants - no allergic reactions - result "excellent" tested according to

    international guidelines ICDRG (International Contact Dermatitis Research Group)

3D-disinfection compared to alternative disinfection-methods

Our patented 3D-disinfection method uses ultrasonic membranes to generate cold-fog-aerosols. This brings numerous of advantages with it by comparing this to alternative 3D-disinfection methods which are using non-polymeric substances through pressured air & nozzle:

   • noiseless useage (can also be used outdoors)

   • disinfecting complex structured rooms and ventilation shafts

   • Intelligent design & usabilty (controlling the device from outside the room)

   • no tripping hazards due to annoying cables or compressed air-hoses

   • sustainable protection instead of volatile and briefly disinfection - antibacterial surfaces

   • smaller particle diameter (< 10 μm sized aerosols)

   • more efficiency to nozzle & compressor methods

   • better performance (more fog-particles within the amount of biocide)

   • economically benefits (less biocide is required)

   • pressure-free polymer fog (without wetting the room)

   • durable devices, which are almost maintenance-free

   • Reduction of the staffs workload (no unnecessary space sealing)

   • modern, user-friendly high-tech-application


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