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Our Mission & Service is to assist you
in all areas of disinfection and encourage the use of
3D disinfection on a wordwide scale.

Extract of our Services


Licensing Worldwide

Our licensing program provides governments and international companies with the opportunity of receiving national or international patent and distribution rights for our applications in 3D-Disinfection. These exclusive patent rights will protect certain markets  - the range of application goes from national or continental "medical care licences" to e.g. continental or worldwide "selfdisinfecting fridge licences". Licensing includes training and instruction in this new technology.

If you are interessted in our programs, please feel free to contact your personal specialist directly on this site.


Production Line

Biotech3D produce both their own ready-to-use-biocides and different devices for disinfection or deodorising uses.

Different types of high-tech-devices are produced in Middle Europe and are solely supplied by  Biotech3D worldwide. All our devices boast features, such as high performed electronics, excellent control units and austrian quality. Different high-tech-biocides, mainly containing active cationic polymers kept in distilled water, are produced and bottled in Austria, Central Europe. Our production supports sizes from 25 liters plastic cans up to 1000 liters IBC - those biocides are ready for use.



Special applications or devices can be constructed and developed with the help of our technicians and manufacturers.

We also offer custom-made solutions for your special requirements. Feel free to contact us.