Due the ownership of the protected patent, we are glad to work with interested licensees internationally

Biotech3D - our offer to you

• 3D ultrasonic disinfection devices

• active polymeric biocides (fog, surface)

• licensing  programs for individual industries and different fields of economy

• exclusive procedural rights national- or worldwide

• training programs & exercises

• cooperation referring to further development

International licensing

There are several ways to take benefits of the Biotech3D-technology due a wide spectrum of situational use-cases.

Our patent in over 50 countries worldwide claims the method to combine ultrasonic membrane technology with active polymeric biocides to be brought out in the environment of the device.


However, our Biotech3D licensing program offers governments as well international companies the opportunity of receiving national or international patent and distribution rights for our applications in 3D-Disinfection. These exclusive patent rights will protect certain markets  - the range of application goes from national or continental "medical care licences to continental or even global licenses for a variety of suitable of business fields. We are glad to inform interested licensees about the possibilities of licensing referring to fitting target markets.

Production and sales - 3D disinfection devices and biocides

Different types of ultrasonic devices are carefully manufactured to the highest quality standards by us and our partner companies in Austria and Middle Europe. In addition to their high reliability and precision, our high performed devices are characterized by its excellent and intelligent control units which are very easy to handle - also from outside of the fogged room. One device is able to fog up to 200m3 per hour.

All ready-to-use polymeric-biocides are delievered from Austria according to the European quality guidelines too.  Those disinfectants are available in different concentrations and different in sizes from 25 liters plastic cans up to 1000 liter-IBCs. The liquids are able to be transported via airoplane.

Technical development

3D disinfection can be used within a wide field of applications. We also offer custom-made solutions for your special requirements. Therefore we are able to construct special applications or devices in cooperation with your developement department. Our team includes specialists from several areas such as “hardware and software design, disinfection, microbiology, fog- and measurement-technology. If you are interested into such a customized solution, feel free to come in touch with us.


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