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Let us introduce you Biotech3D – an innovative high-tech disinfection device!

Our 3D-method is based on bringing out tiny disinfection-polymers using the ultrasonic-membrane technology to eliminate a wide spectrum of (resistant) bacteria, viruses, fungi and organic odors of all kinds. Indoor air and surfaces are quickly desinfected of harmful germs across the board using cold nebulization, which makes the indoor-air more healthy immediately.

Problem and solution

Multi-resistant germs (MRSA) remain viable on surfaces for several months. As a result of such MRSA infection  thousands of people die each year. The economic damage caused by nosocomial infections is enormous, but it could be significantly reduced due a consistent use of our "3D disinfection-method".


You might be aware of conventional two-dimensional wiping disinfection which is ineffective and often negative effected by human errors. Therefore, let us explain our 3D-desinfection-method which is superior to all previous-known disinfection methods. The effective method of nebulization adapts to the three-dimensional structure of rooms and guarantees a comfortable disinfection at the highest technological level. Regardless to the rooms structure our polymer-sanitizer reaches all corners and crevices of the room. It cleans the room-air and does not avoid disinfecting surfaces which are usually difficult to access by human-cleaning-staff. Due the use of our device your room will be automatically disinfected  in a 3-dimensional manner to disrupt a potential infection chain quickly and efficiently in order to fight bacteria and viruses in the best possible way.

Innovation: 3-dimensional room disinfection

   • highly effective biocide to combat bacteria and viruses

   • also reaches each single corner of the room, even every groove and crevice

   • disinfects hard-to-reach surfaces, even if the room height is enormous

   • our technology counteracts potential human errors (done within a 2D-disinfection)

   • long-term effects due its sustainable (temporary) protection-function

   • eliminates unpleasant organic smells

   • effective broad-spectrum disinfection-effects at reasonable toxicology

   • our patented process defines the "Ultrasonic Polymer Fogging" technology

   • eliminates germs without using aggressive chemicals


3D-disinfection breaks potential infection chains, for example to prevent nosocomial infections within hospitals. However, there is a wide range of potential use-cases for our device, which all can take benefits by the advantages of the three-dimensional cold nebulization-process.


   • hospitals, medical facilities, as well patient-transportation

   • rentirement-homes and rehabilitation facilities

   • public transport systems e.g. Train, bus, tram or even taxi

   • property management institutions e.g. Handover of apartments

   • office-cubes, meeting rooms and production facilities

   • sauna, wellness, spa, as well fitness facilities

   • hotel- and gastronomy and entertainment sector

   • freight containers, tanks & within the transportation system

   • air conditioning and ventilation systems

   • agriculture and sewer-systems

In the end it belongs to your organization and responsibility to take care on the minimization of infection risks. Let`s use Biotech3D to interrupt common ways of infection in the interest of our society. We are glad to provide the best available disinfection-technology to you.
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