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Providing You with Health & Life Care.


Thanks to achievements made by our Europe-based engineers we can offer you a totally new method of high-tech-disinfection, which does not make use of aggressive chemicals and does not cause the ubiquitous side effects on both people and the environment normally involved in the process. Our 3D-method of bringing out tiny disinfection-polymers in rooms typically used in medical wound care has proven highly efficient in fighting germs. This guarantees you high efficiency against bacteria, virus, mould, organic smells, allergics reaction and other dangerous germs within the air or on surfaces.

fields of applications


  • health care rooms - avoiding nosocomial infections

  • ventilation systems

  • vehicles & transport units, ...

  • air condition systems

  • refrigerators, washing machines, incubators,...

  • deodorisiation & prevention (clothings, furniture, shoes, ...)

  • containers & tanks, coffins

  • hygiene products

  • sewerage smells

  • wellness, spa and many more

available services


  • active polymeric biocides (fog, surface)

  • 3D ultrasonic devices

  • licensing programs for nation- or worldwide in different fields of economy

  • trainings and exercises

advanced disinfection