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The Three-Dimensional Disinfection for every Room.

Including Depot Effect.


Highly effective

Quick and quiet

Preventive Protection -
Depot Effect

Problem - Solution

Bacteria, such as MRSA, survive on surfaces for months – viruses are able to remain active for weeks.

Many of the resulting infections can be avoided by using Biotech3D technology for room-disinfection.

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Virus Bakterien Petrischale
Biotech3D Vernebelung

Antibacterial Depot Effect

Sustainable protection and antibacterial surfaces instead of volatile disinfection. 

This combination of room disinfection and preventive protection is unique.

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"Size" matters!

Biotech3D creates a more effective disinfection result than conventional aerosols e.g. through special nozzles, by applying small and precise ultrasonic-aerosols in all kind of room sizes and structures.

This 3D disinfection is based on fogging of polymeric active agents by using ultrasonic membrane technology.

About the technology

Biotech3D Aerosole

Benefit in many cases from using 3D Ultrasonic Disinfection

The range of applications is almost limitless.