Frequently Asked Questions


The cold fogger – Biotech3D D2400 ultrasonic cold mist device with 20 ultrasonic discs is currently available.

You can purchase the devices and disinfectants from a registered dealer or directly from Biotech3D in Austria / Europe.

Rental possibilities are available in Austria, currently not in any other country.

The warrenty on the D2400 is provided for two years. The shelf life on Biotech3D disinfectants (for fog and surface) is two years too.

Only disinfectants with the release of Biotech3D may be misted.

The service center of Biotech3D is located in Austria. Qualified Services may also be available outside Austria from local dealers.  

Basically, the devices must be cleaned with water immediately after each use.
The ultrasonic discs achieve a service life of approx. 4000 operating hours and can be exchanged during service.

The D2400 manages up to 20 users at two levels of authority – different languages can be selected for operation.
The D2400 (battery) has its own independent programming for a user.

In Central Europe the market leaders are nozzles. In second place are the more expensive and modern ultrasonic technologies. Ultrasonic basically offers more efficiency, smaller diameters of aerosols and thus better results.

3D disinfection is an interaction between physics and chemistry in physical space. With regard to physics and efficiency, smaller particles are oriented towards the size of the pathogens, and with a larger surface than particles from a nozzle.


Biotech3D Technologie AerosoleBiotech3D Technologie Aerosole 2

Active agents

Biotech3D is specialized in the 3D application of polymeric active agents with cationic active profiles. From this, the depot effect of the polymeric disinfectants is created. Unlike conventional disinfection methods it’s the weaker and slightly slower ion bond that enables the results.

Biotech3D Technologoe Aerosole Infografik

From this, the depot effect of the polymeric disinfectants can be logically derivable. Thus, unlike conventional disinfection methods, the weaker, slightly slower ion bond works.

The antibacterial depot effect tested on the basis of international standardization (ISO) leads to the concept of "antibacterial surfaces". The reason for this is the polymeric cations. The depot effect can work up to 270 days on inanimate areas in the room.

The generated depot-effect consists of only a few layers and was independently tested by us in a german derma study. The result was graded "excellent".

Disinfectants for direct surface usage (surface disinfection) and ready-to-use solutions for misting / cold fogging are currently offered. Fog solutions are nicknamed "FOG" in Biotech3D applications.

The major goal of Biotech3D is to disinfect rooms from all kinds of bacteria, like MRSA or others, in a safe and healthy way. Chemicals are highly active and so quite aggressive reaction partners with chlorine, hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) or ozone (O3), so that undesirable effects with frequent application and under high humidity can be expected / are most probable. For applying disinfection on a regular base, it is recommended to work with concentrations, that even are used for chronical wound care disinfection, like Biotech3D does.

3D Disinfections’ active agent is number 1 in a similar concentration in chronical wound care disinfection!

3D Disinfection

The development started in 2011. The basic patent was written in 2012. Since 2014 further developments to disinfectants and the ultrasonic cold fogging devices were done.

The first independent studies took place in 2014 (Germany), and in 2015 a comprehensive room study on fungi and bacteria (incl. MRSA) documented this technical revolution.

Yes. The disinfecting effects are confirmed in the airborne application in the room, as well as in standard laboratory tests (e.g. suspension testings) according to EN (European Norm) or ISO (International Standards Organization).

It is recommended to keep it foggy in the room for at least 45 minutes, depending on the type of application. During this fog-standing-time, the active agents already work.

The main USP derives from the developments on the patent of the combination of the established ultrasonic technology with polymer-containing biocides. These advantages include energy-efficient application, the depot effect in addition to 3D disinfection and high material compatibility – invented and developed for regular 3D disinfection.

The aerosol size corresponds to the size of the pathogens. Viruses in the range of tenths of microns and bacteria in the range of 1-5 microns are presentable for our aerosols. The fog is in space for a long time, gravitating very slowly. These aerosols are more movable and bond better than with comparatively too large diameters (e.g. from nozzles). The penetration behavior in pores or cracks is also more effective. The active substance itself has a good broadband effect against different germs.
The fog is hardly electrically conductive and dry – the application method itself is comparatively quiet, energy-efficient and not damp or wet!

Yes, when using Biotech3D-FOG polymeric substances, it can be guaranteed; on non-contact-surfaces even for months. Bacteria (such as e.g. MRSA) are immediately eliminated and the risk of infection in the room is highly reduced.

The basic patent relates to the application of polymeric agents in room by using ultrasonic technology for bringing out. The patent is upheld in more than 50 countries.

In subjective perception and compared to other disinfection methods, Biotech3D were the only ones to receive the grade "very good" within the automobile sector after having fogged all kinds of vehicles. We deliberately dispense with additional odors – we convey how "nothing smells“ – this is very pleasant.


The D2400 disinfects approx. 200 m3 per hour.

Yes, the generated dry fog-aerosols can be precisely transported by means of a tube. This tube fits to the chimney of the D2400 device. Typical fogging cases are applied in vehicles (even from the outside), disinfection of ventilation shafts or odor control in electrical installation tubes.

Depending on physical environments, one liter of our Biotech3D FOG product disinfects in average 50 m3.

300ml of the Biotech3D FOG product for the whole vehicle are suggested.

The D2400 (battery) works approximately 2 hours with a fully charged battery pack. The batteries (2 pieces) then have to be recharged again – work can of course also be continued with pre-charged battery packs.

The D2400 (battery) is easier to handle, while the performance is the same as the D2400. There is no longer an automatic mode - so the device can also perform without any environmental sensors. The fogging process is only controlled over time. The weight is significantly lower and the components are simpler. For example, if you give the pre-charged batteries away from the device, the machine weight is reduced to 20 kg. A set of batteries weighs about 8 kg. Without a mains power supply and with full batteries, a device creates around 2 hours of fogging - that's enough for around 400m3 of space and can be used in disaster scenarios, for example after environmental disasters, in the event of blackouts or simply when treating difficult terrain (shelters, etc.) or at Disinfections in otherwise unstable power grids (Asia, Africa) make the difference.


Please contact us via contact-form. We will be happy to provide the safety data sheet.

Yes. Starting from Europe, you will also find Biotech3D products in other parts of the world.
The active agents used are promoted by leading European recommendation listings for disinfection.

A proper complete Personal Safety Equipment is mandatory for usage. The most important elements are an FFP3 mask (we recommend a full visor mask), protective suit and gloves.

Although the technology allows remote access via tablet, and thus enormously reduces the contact times between the disinfector and contaminated room. Work phases inside the risk area still remain, so that the Personal Safety Equimpment is needed.

Yes – D2400 is CE-certified in Austria.