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Biotech3d D2400 Ultraschall Kaltnebelgerät

The 3D Disinfection Process

3D disinfection is based on bringing out liquid active ingredients by using ultrasonic technology. By fogging the room it eliminates bacteria, viruses, fungi and organic odours of all kinds in a wide range (also resistant bacterias).

Room air and surfaces are freed from various harmful germs within a short time by the disinfectant aerosols. In addition, this method installs a unique antibacterial protective layer that works on non-contact surfaces for even months and helps reducing infections.

Biotech3d D2400 Kaltvernebelung Geraet

Biotech3D Ultrasonic Devices

D2400® device is produced in Austria and works energy-efficiently and almost soundless.

The almost pressureless fog creation process by ultrasonic membrane technology offers numerous advantages and allows 3D disinfection of any kind of closed room – regardless of size or condition. Narow spaces, intermediate ceilings or ventilation pipes get so disinfected too.

Too large droplets, as in the cold misting method by compressed air nozzles, are thus to be avoided – Biotech3D aerosols approach the dimensions of the germs. This approach allows to achieve an optimal binding behavior between the active substance and the germ without wetting.
Die Partikelgrößen sind steuerbar – eine multilinguale Software erlaubt bis zu 20 Usern ein professionelles und sicheres Anwenden.

In 2020 the D2400 was awarded for Innovation Prize 2020. At the end of 2021, the D2400 battery was created - suitable for operation independent of a power grid. . . .

Volume during operation: < 63 dBa
Power, electric: ca. 750 W  
Power supply: 220-240 VAC
Average particle size: <10 μm

Tank volume: 9,5 Liter
Max. usable for disinfection purposes: 6 Liter
Weight D2400 (empty): ca. 29 kg
Dimensions (l x w x h) (transport position) 79 cm x 47 cm x 70 cm
Dimensions (l x b x h) (extended push handle): 79 cm x 47 cm x 82 cm
Fog output per hour (basic setting): ca. 4 kg
Fog volume per liter: ca. 50 m3
Fog volume per device and hour: ca. 200 m3
Maximum programmable humidity value: 96% r.F.

Color Casing: white
Protection class: IP44
WLAN support
Certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EN 15085, EN 6701, ECM;
Warranty: 2 years

Disinfectants & Principle of Action

Biotech3D produces its own disinfectants for usage as fog and also for surfaces according to European standards and norms. 


The characteristics of the agents are derived from the cationic mode of action of the polymeric main active ingredient. Thus, in addition to the broad effect against pathogens, the unique depot effect is complementary to 3D disinfection as a technically logical conclusion.

The effect of the active ingredients as airborne aerosols are scientifically proven in 3D applications as well as in the standardized suspension tests. Evidence of the production of the antibacterial surfaces (including the protective depot effect) via airborne aerosols can also be provided.

Principle of Action in Detail


The cations of the aqueous disinfectant are bound by anionic charges (e.g. the membrane of a bacteria). The resulting partial-physical irritation as well as in the pathogen, leads to the destruction of the electrical unit and subsequently to the lysis of the pathogen. In the lysis, some cations remain occupied in the bond, while free cations are available for future disinfection or to ward off pathogens.

Biotech3D Technologoe Aerosole Infografik
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Principle of Depot Effect

On different surfaces as well as under various conditions in the room, as e.g. even on cartons, or under the influence of coldness, the so-called depot effect was proved in the laboratory. These unique antibacterial surfaces have continuously and successfully been tested for months, in accordance with ISO 22196 in an accredited austrian laboratory.

Based on these results, it has been confirmed that the antibacterial depot effect, shown by this ISO standards, also works very well for MRSA. The protective layer is created by the use of cationic active ingredients, as applied in human wound disinfection. The compatibility of this depot-layer was additionally confirmed in dermatological testings with 30 subjects in german testings (review: "very good" / "excellent").

Labor Test